Wednesday, December 1, 2010

UCLA Live Presents Alice Coltrane Tribute Dec. 5 All-star evening includes performances from McCoy Tyner, Kyp Malone, Nels Cline, Han Bennink, Daniel Carter, Michael White & Leisei Chen, Radha Botofasina, plus Flying Lotus and special guests

Michael White & Leisei Chen
White is a master violinist who introduced the instrument into the world of jazz rock fusion; Chen is an ethereal vocalist with unmistakable range. Michael toured with Alice in the 1970's as part of the Impulse Record tour and recorded with John & Alice Coltrane on the Infinity album.
Single tickets are on sale now. UCLA Live at Royce Hall, 340 Royce Dr., Westwood. Sunday, December 5 at 7 p.m. $28-48 ($15 UCLA students). (310) 825.2101,

"One Rare Special Guests Appearance Michael & Leisei DUO"
Michael White's musical history with John & Alice Coltrane - In 1965, Michael White has appeared in San Francisco, as a special guest with The John Coltrane Quartet, McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Gallison, Elvin Jones, along with Wes Mongomery and Eric Dolphy. In 70' the Impulse! Recording Tours - the Michael White Quartet together with bands and groups of Alice Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders, Archie Shepp, John Klemmer nationally and internationally at major colleges and festivals. In 1971, Michael credited in John Coltrane "Infinity" album as a violinist of the string section. in 1974, Michael joined the recording on Joe Henderson's album "Elements" with Alice Coltrane. Michael performed with Alice Coltrance, Tootie Heath, and others at one of the black community parks in Los Angeles in 80'.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Billboard 09.04.71 "ABC Free Form Convention"

Billboard 09.04.71 "ABC Free Form Convention" - Page 8 -

"MICHAEL WHITE, free form violinist, performs while being recorded live at the Kabuki Theatre. His album is slated for early fall release. Other artists from the Impulse and ABC/Dunhill line who 'helped wind up the convention included Mel Brown, John Lee Hooker, Clifford Coviter, John Klemmer and Danny Cox. . . "

Early fall release probably means Michael's First Impulse Release "Spirit Dance". We were wondering if there is the LIVE recording still exist from this convention?

Michael's First Appearance With Impulse Recordings

"Astral Traveling" A Memorable Recording. The producer Ed Mitchel called Michael one day asking him to join the recording and being BIRD SOUNDS. This Recording led to sign by Impulse with His leading FIVE Recordings "Spirit Dance"71' "Pneuma" 72' "The Land Of Spirit And Light" 73' "Father Music Mother Dance" 74' "Go With The Flow" 74'. The Impulse Tours with Bands of Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Archie Shepp, John Klemmer and Michael White Quartet for major International Jazz Festivals appearances, Jazz Camps, Colleges * . * See Below "Program Set For 73' Montreux Festival" What a lineup!!!

A Very Supportive Environment with Impulse Recordings. Artists were free to express their music through his/her musical visions fully without restrictions or demands. Michael also was in order to keep all his mechanical rights of his compositions as well as his band member's compositions for all five recordings.

What a blessing!

Pharoah and Michael were known each other way back and played together around 1948 in Oakland. Pharoah came from the Little Rock Arkansas so his nick name was "Little Rock". They formed a group called "Oakland Raiders" with Young Jazz Greats in Oakland such as Ed Kelly, Smiley Winters, Skippy Warren etc. They went to Jazz Clubs in San Francisco often to have Jazz Jam Battles with "San Francisco Raiders" :))))))))))

william, pharoah, michael @catalina's 11.08.08 photo by leisei chen

Monday, April 26, 2010

Certificate Of Recognition From U.S. Senate



Michael White

WHEREAS Michael White was born May 24, 1930 in Houston, Texas and raised in Oakland, California. At the age of 7, Michael picked up the violin and hasn't put it down since; and 

        WHEREAS Michael White is a jazz violinist/ composer/ educator; and

WHEREAS Michael introduced the violin into the free jazz scenes of the Bay Area and New York, playing with luminaries such as Sun Ra and Pharoah Sanders; and 

WHEREAS Jazz gives a powerful voice to the African American experience and is born of a diverse society, uniting people across the divides of race, region, and national boundaries, and draws from life experience and human emotion; and 

WHEREAS over his long and distinguished career, Michael White performed and worked with many Jazz Legends; such as John Coltrane, Sun Ra, Pharoah Sanders, John Handy, Joe Henderson, McCoy Tyner, Stevie Wonder, Sonny Simmons and many others; and

WHEREAS Michael White's CD Voices "Mechanical Man" in Song-Jazz Category was an 2007 Winner in The 6th Annual Independent Music Awards (IMAs); and

WHEREAS Michael White's voice and violin has a profound effect on his listeners around the world; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED BY SENATOR RODERICK D. WRIGHT, on this twenty-second day of April 2010, That Michael White be commended for his remarkable talent and dedication to the art of Jazz, and extended sincere best wishes for continued success in the future.


Certificate Of Special Recognition From U.S. House Of Representatives

Certificate Of Special Recognition
presented to

Michael White

on the occasion of being honored as a Living Legend by The Jammin 
Foundation; and in recognition of  your outstanding contributions to 
Jazz Music in Los Angeles and around the world; your commitment
to maintaining jazz music and protecting the legacies of jazz 
musicians, has earned you this esteemed honor from your peers

Maxine Waters
Member of Congress 
35th District, California
On this 22nd Day of April, 2010

Certificate Of Recognition From California Legislature Assembly

California Legislature 


April 22, 2010

Michael White

On behalf of myself and the Constituents of the 48th Assembly
District, I congratulate you on your many achievements and 
contributions to the world of Jazz, an African American Art 

Best Wishes on all future endeavors.

Mike Davis

Leisei's Birthday

We celebrated Leisei's Birthday at the LA Zoo . . . We got there around 2 PM ahhh . . . All the animals were taking naps :) Well we still loved the landscape of the Zoo and light Spring breeze felt on our faces while riding the shuttle bus. Inspired by their colors, sounds & rhythms. So ORGANIC!

Surprise At The Event

We were so surprised and still feel elated, because Michael received the Certificate Of Recognition from the California State Legislature Assembly, the U.S. House of Representative and Senate at the Living Legends & More Panel Discussion & Jam Session presented by Jammin Foundation and Linda Morgan, Ms. SmoothAhead Jazz in April 22, 2010 !!! We did not know this was happening :)))) They were taking pictures and video taping . . . Wow totally surprised us!!!!! After the celebration, we performed with Jacques Lesure trio at the jam session, Leisei sung "Day Dream" and Michael played "Summer Time" with the trio. Thank you for everyone who supported this occasion. We are humbled and deeply touched :)