Monday, December 10, 2012

A Heartfelt Exchange With Carole ♡

Hello Michael.
Forgive me if I'm wrong but is this your music?

Hi Carole,
Yes your are right! Michael White's composition & music from X-Factor, Elektra/Asylum album in 1978. In 2010, it re-released in CD.
We perform a acoustic version of this song in LIVE as well. This photo, link below, probably captured when we were playing and singing the song at a concert in May 20th 2012 : )))
Leisei & Michael

Hello Michael.
That is so amazing.
As a young jazz dancer years ago I would dance to your song and I can honestly say that I would be swept away by the magic of it and lose myself in the melody. It was my favourite song to dance to. I stopped dancing after having my family and this song became lost in memory until I heard it on face book one day. It made my heart beat faster and actually moved me to tears when I listened to it. All those magical memories of dancing to it came flooding back. I had to buy the album straight away and now I play it nearly every day.
I am extremely honoured that you have replied to me and want to thank you for making such beautiful music that steals my heart.
Yours sincerely

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving + COLA Fellowship Award

We are excited to share our blessing with you over this thanksgiving holiday!!!
Michael was selected for the prestigious 2013 Department Of Cultural Affairs (DCA) CIty Of Los Angeles  (COLA) Individual Artist Fellowship Award which has been recognized internationally. Michael is commissioned to create NEW WORKS to be premiered by master Jazz musicians and our original band members of Michael White Quintet (MWQ), Michael White violin, Leisei Chen vocals, Michael Howell guitar, Cecil McBee bass, Kenneth Nash percussion, performing live at the California Plaza in Los Angeles on Friday June 28th 2013, co-sponsored and hosted by Grand Performances.

We are very honored and grateful for COLA fellowship performing arts panelists Mitch Glickman, Adilah Barnes, Romalyn Tilghman. 

We are looking forward to share the stage with a beautiful fellow performing artist, 2013 COLA fellowship recipient Malathi Iyengar, work together with Joe Smoke, Christopher Riedesel and Sherlan Abesamis at City Of Los Angeles Department Of Cultural Affairs, Scott Canty at Los Angeles Municipal Arts Gallery, Leigh Ann Hahn, Fred Stites, Regina Cabrera and Amanda Wah at Grand Performances.
Special thanks to Dalili Lya Pierson, Phil Ranelin, Martiros MarHak Hakopian, Evrika Evo Zatikian, Mirza Todorovich, Candace Avery, Kristy Hanson for all their support.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Working Behind The Scene

Ready for the upcoming concerts in Oakland CA, will be coincide with the amazing SOLAR ECLIPSE. 'The Mayan Walker' Says Big Date is May 20th, 2012
Saturday May19 at 4PM - String Summit featuring Michael White "A Tribute to Billy Bang" - 12 Annual Malcolm X JazzArts Festival at San Antonio Park. Free, All Ages
Sunday May 20th at 7PM - Sunday Concert With Michael White Quintet at the EastSide Cultural Center at 2277 International Blvd. $15, All Ages

MWQ One Sheet 2012