Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mastery Of JAZZ A Hint From The Wes Montgomery Story

We were commenting on Buddy Montgomery's Birthday, January 31st on Facebook led us reminiscence of this story his older brother Wes Montgomery the great Jazz Guitarist. 

Wes Montgomery's great Jazz guitar style came from LOVE of his family. He had a day job when he was coming up so he had to practice at night and he did not want to wake up his wife and children, practicing very softly and quietly let to his style of playing. 

Well lucky him that is exactly one of the keys to master JAZZ, "play each sound slowly, softly and quietly like going under your skin" said and say by Many Jazz Masters. We also know great Jazz players practice like this for many hours a day. This way, one can develop the great sense of touch and strength, sounds refine and get bigger naturally with effortless ease, resonate with everything and ring eternally. So as playing fast will be easier too . . It's truly a win win situation :))) It requires discipline to practice this way and the result is significant! It's exactly as the TAI JI & Qigong practices too, they help us rise ENERGY - Life Force to endure JAZZ discipline!!! Put one's self in that mode to practice and taking time can be hard at times, it also might require a kind of life style to do so. We hear many JAZZ players nowadays with complex technical facilities, sounds impressive and exciting. But sounds tight and dry, noisy and not complete. They might probably are not taking time for this kind of discipline . . . 

The TIME well spent for the Mastery of JAZZ is PRECIOUS we witness. The sounds will last a long long time and deep to hearts of people through generations "Timeless and Ageless" Everything will pay off at the end!

Michael performed with Buddy Montgomery at a JAZZ festival in Minnesota. Michael also performed with Wes Montgomery, at the John Coltrane Quartet, John Coltrane, Jimmy Gallison, Elvin Jones, and McCoy Tyner with Eric Dolphy, the gig in San Francisco 1962 as a special guest. It was recorded on the book "John Coltrane: his life and music" (p.367) by Lewis Porter

Wes Montgomery - Impression 1965 : Wes Montgomery (guitar), Harold Mabern (piano), Arthur Harper (bass), Jimmy Lovelace (drums) who was our dear friend, great touch we miss him too !