Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spirit Dance CD Reissue

This morning we saw groups of cute little Armenian boys with grand fathers and mothers in the mall where we take a walk everyday. Reminding us of "Praise Innocence", the song in Michael's first Impulse album "Spirit Dance" 72', this song is considered the first JAZZ album with children singing! THEN we got home, got a message from Ian Scott Horst left on our facebook wall saying "Do you know about this cd reissue?

Hey we did not know Oh well kind of know . . . :))) What we know is we are in SYNC with the UNIVERSE! LOVE IT ♡ 

Salute to Michael's Legendary Album "Spirit Dance" is finally reissued just yesterday September 14th 2011 in JAPAN, as a part of  the Impulse Record 50th Anniversary Reissue Total 20 Titles which all were highly requested for CD reissues, and in the high quality CD series called SHM-CD. it will be on sale in September 20th 2011 in USA, now in pre-order worldwide. 

NOW we can answer all our fan's inquiry and request, yes Spirit Dance is in CD!!! LOVE from Leisei & Michael

Buy Spirit Dance in USA at DustyGroove : Amazon

One of the killer albums that Michael White cut for Impulse Records in the early 70 – a sweet set of spiritual jazz that took his instrument to a whole new level! Normally, the violin isn't an instrument we love in jazz, but White really transforms it here – playing it with a stretched-out, spiritual sound that's almost like a saxophone – really hitting a fresh sound that's mighty nice. Other instrumentation includes a nicely organic blend of piano from Ed Kelly, bass from Ray Drummond, and percussion and flutes from Baba Omson – often building in the way you'd get with a Pharoah Sanders album, but with a gentler, more personal sound. There's a bit of vocals at points from Makeda & Wanika King – and tracks include "The Tenth Pyramid", "Spirit Dance", "John Coltrane Was Here", and "Unlocking The Twelfth House" -

Buy Spirit Dance in JAPAN at cdJAPAN : Amazon

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Press Release : tour the ARTS.MWQ At Croatian Cultural Center Of Greater Los Angeles



July 21, 2011 (Los Angeles, CA)   The award-winning Michael White Quintet UNIT2 inaugurates their new initiative, tour the ARTS.MWQ, with a weekly series running Saturday, September 25 through Sunday, October 8 at the Croatian Cultural Center of Greater Los Angeles (CCCGLA) in San Pedro. The multicultural, uniquely collaborative events join performances from an array of musicians, conversations with visual artists, and art exhibitions to celebrate the beauty of art in its many forms. Leisei Chen and Michael White of the Michael White Quintet UNIT2 curate the series, which is hosted by CCCGLA President Maya Bristow. The quintet also performs at each event, which features a different visual artist and musical duo.

Audiences at each tour the ARTS.MWQ event will have the opportunity not just to view visual art on display or to listen to music, but also to experience from the artists and musicians together in their own unique presentations. Each event begins at 6:30 pm with a multimedia presentation from a visual artist, followed by live music. On September 25, abstract painter Matiros Hakopian (MarHak) is followed by the Mojacar Flamenco duo, and on October 1, impressionist and portrait painter Evrika Zatikian (EVO) is followed by innovative chamber music duo Alma Nova. At the final event on October 8, alpinist and photographer Mirza Todorovich is followed by the Paul Livingstone Duo, plays the creative tradition of Indian classical raga music. Each evening continues with a performance from the Michael White Quintet UNIT2 and ends with a raffle and celebratory reception. 

The tour the ARTS.MWQ concept is the brainchild of Leisei Chen & Michael White, partners in life and music, and founders of the Michael White Quintet. The initiative derives from their long-held vision to bring the quintet to spaces that allow for collaboration with artists from all cultures and disciplines. White and Chen derive inspiration from various sources, from visual art to martial arts and dance, and take their holistic approach to music-making. White says, “We play music like painting the pictures, making the scenes” The two feel that each artist participating in tour the ARTS.MWQ has a special role to play, just as jazz musicians do within a group. Says Chen, “As artists and musicians, we are all so excited to see how our own arts and music will influence each other’s.” The group trusts these collaborations will let them explore their own artistic potential more deeply, and continue to express their group’s cornerstones: love, healing, inspiration, and hope. 

Chen and White are themselves the cornerstones of the Michael White Quintet UNIT2. Group leader White was recently honored as a Living Legend in jazz, and his voice on violin has been called “one of the more distinctive in jazz.” Versatile vocalist Chen, drawing on a vast array of cultural traditions, serves as muse and co-writer for much of the material from the group’s recent release, Voices. Along with some of Los Angeles’ most talented musicians on percussion, bass and guitar, the quintet seamlessly combines soulful original songs, jazz classics, and latin grooves, delighting audiences worldwide.

Tickets for each tour the ARTS.MWQ event (Saturday, September 25; Sunday, October 1 and Sunday, October 8) are $10 in advance online at and $15 at the door. Raffle tickets are free with admission. For more information, visit or contact the CCCGLA at

Legendary jazz violinist Michael White is a composer, educator, and innovator who has been a major recording artist on Impulse and Elektra/Asylum records, and has played alongside musical giants including John Coltrane, Sun Ra, Stevie Wonder, among many others. His musical endeavors over the decades have taken him through a number of genres, and his newly released CD "Voices" prompted the formation of the Michael White Quintet. "We discovered that our musical philosophy had a mutual, spiritual dynamic. The four cornerstones of our music are 'Love, Healing, Inspiration and Hope.' Our sound is intended to touch one's heart and fill one's body with a 'kozmic groove!'" says White.  The Michael White Quintet: Unit 2 keeps that spirit of positivity intact, combining versatile guitarist Timothy Young and soulful vocalist Leisei Chen, the quintet's original members, with new, accomplished LA-based musicians Jon Ossman on bass (Paula Cole, Marc Cohn) and Danny Frankel on drums (K.D. Lang, Bebel Gilberto). With each member a true musical master in his and her own right, the quintet bridges cultures, genres, and backgrounds, for a sound that is truly "ageless, timeless, and borderless." For more information about the Michael White Quintet, please visit:

The Croatian Cultural Center of Greater Los Angeles (CCCGLA) is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization dedicated to educating the general public about the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Croatia. Their vision is to engage not only people of Croatian-American descent, but all people with a desire to participate in our activities, events, classes and fundraisers. The CCCGLA offers a variety of programs for the community’s participation and enjoyment, including: Croatian language classes, traditional folk dance classes, exhibits by local and international artists, film festivals, and lectures on a various topics. The center partners with local outreach organizations, merchants, churches, elected officials and other ethnic associations to represent and reinforce the power and positive influence of diversity in the community.
tour the ARTS.MWQ
Artist Presentation + Exhibition + Live Performance 
Series hosted by Maya Bristow and curated by the Michael White Quintet UNIT2 joining multimedia presentations and visual art exhibitions with multicultural musical performances 
Croatian Cultural Center of Greater Los Angeles 
510 W. 7th St, San Pedro, CA 90731
Saturday, September 25; Sunday, October 1; Sunday, October 8 
Doors open 5:30 pm, with presentations and performances from 6:30 - 9:30 pm followed by reception and raffle.                
PERFORMING MUSICIANS   Michael White Quintet UNIT2 - Michael White, violin and Leisei Chen vocals, Tim Young Guitar, Jon Ossman Bass, Danny Frankel Percussion
Mojacar Flamenco (September 25)   
Alma Nova (October 1) - flute & guitar duo, Jessica Pierce and Almer Imamovic
Paul Livingstone Duo (October 8) - sitar, the creative Indian classical ragas 
Matiros Hakopian (MarHak), abstract painter (September 25) 
Evrika Zatikyan (EVO), impressionist and portrait painter (October 1) 
Mirza Todorovich, photographer and alpinist (October 8)

For samples of artists’ work, please request photos -
$10 in advance, $15 at the door - free raffle tickets issued with admission 

TICKET INFO             
Tickets available online at and at the door at each event.       

Leisei Chen 323-366-9986,

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Michael White Quintet UNIT2 Selected As A Los Angeles County Arts Commission Group 2011-2014!

We are proud to announce that Michael White Quintet UNIT2 has been officially selected as a Los Angeles County Arts Commission (LACAC) group. The LACAC Musicians Roster primarily serves as a resource for Presenters of Free Concerts in Public Sites, of the rich and diverse talent available to them. The Commission fosters excellence, diversity, vitality, understanding and accessibility of the arts in Los Angeles County. The Commission provides leadership in cultural services for the County, including information and resources for the community, artists, educators, arts organizations and municipalities. So look for MWQ UNIT2 to bring their talents to the public and community stages of Los Angeles County.

Monday, May 30, 2011

R.I.P. Billy Bang

©The New York City Jazz Records
Michael wrote a tribute text for Billy Bang, published in June 2011 Issue Of The New York City Jazz Record

Saturday, May 28, 2011

In Sync With The Universe

Yesterday Michael & Leisei were chilling out at "Barnes and Noble" in the Americana for coffee where they have a beautiful third-floor balcony. We were looking out at the fountains, the lawns surrounded by trees, children laughing and playing, old JAZZ playing through many many speakers, birds flying over hopping and pecking crumbs. "Peace in Chaos" : ) so to speak with the sun shining blissfully.

On the way out, we were coming down an escalator, got to go through bookshelves to get to another. Then all of a sudden, we smelled good fragrances and STOPPED, PAUSED, LOOKED around . . . Ahhhh it's the music section Ahhhh the Jazz section.

ZOOM! TWO JAZZ books on the shelve came to Leisei's eyes, we found out that Michael was featured in those books : )

John Coltrane: His Life And Music By Lewis Porter

It was on Page 367 " - 1962 - May 1-20. San Francisco. Jazz Work. DB, July 5 says Dolphy, Wes Montgomery, and violinist Michael White sat in during the last day, when there was a matinee and possibly a final evening show as well."

Michael never mentioned it till 6 years ago, his brother Teddy reminded him to make sure we should add it (playing with John Coltrane) onto our press kit. Yes, Michael has been and still is the man looking ahead hardly ever looking back, busy improving his music, playing and dreaming. But in recent years we have looked into all of his musical histories. Also with modern technologies, we have found quite a bit of written proof. And nowadays he is more willing to share his stories with the public!

cover artFreedom, Rhythm, & Sound - Revolutionary Jazz Cover Art 1965 to 1983 By Gilles Peterson & Stuart Baker.

A beautiful hardcover weighs tons : ) with an incredible collection of revolutionary jazz album cover art from 60s & 70s! It featured the cover art Michael's Impulse Album "Pneuma", and "The Blessing Song" was also featured on their accompanied two set compilation CDs "Freedom Rhythm & Sound Revolutionary Jazz In The USA 1965-80" from Soul Jazz Records 2009. We were happy to see that many of our friends and Jazz masters were also featured Cecil McBeeSun Ra, Pharoah Sanders, Phil Ranelin, Prince Lasha among others.

When we are in the ZONE, our senses will over-ride any pre-conceived notions & knowledge, and we flow with least resistance. Then we know we are in TUNE, in SYNC with the UNIVERSE * . * * . * Receiving through and sending out. We love those moments!

With LOVE, Leisei & Michael

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mastery Of JAZZ A Hint From The Wes Montgomery Story

We were commenting on Buddy Montgomery's Birthday, January 31st on Facebook led us reminiscence of this story his older brother Wes Montgomery the great Jazz Guitarist. 

Wes Montgomery's great Jazz guitar style came from LOVE of his family. He had a day job when he was coming up so he had to practice at night and he did not want to wake up his wife and children, practicing very softly and quietly let to his style of playing. 

Well lucky him that is exactly one of the keys to master JAZZ, "play each sound slowly, softly and quietly like going under your skin" said and say by Many Jazz Masters. We also know great Jazz players practice like this for many hours a day. This way, one can develop the great sense of touch and strength, sounds refine and get bigger naturally with effortless ease, resonate with everything and ring eternally. So as playing fast will be easier too . . It's truly a win win situation :))) It requires discipline to practice this way and the result is significant! It's exactly as the TAI JI & Qigong practices too, they help us rise ENERGY - Life Force to endure JAZZ discipline!!! Put one's self in that mode to practice and taking time can be hard at times, it also might require a kind of life style to do so. We hear many JAZZ players nowadays with complex technical facilities, sounds impressive and exciting. But sounds tight and dry, noisy and not complete. They might probably are not taking time for this kind of discipline . . . 

The TIME well spent for the Mastery of JAZZ is PRECIOUS we witness. The sounds will last a long long time and deep to hearts of people through generations "Timeless and Ageless" Everything will pay off at the end!

Michael performed with Buddy Montgomery at a JAZZ festival in Minnesota. Michael also performed with Wes Montgomery, at the John Coltrane Quartet, John Coltrane, Jimmy Gallison, Elvin Jones, and McCoy Tyner with Eric Dolphy, the gig in San Francisco 1962 as a special guest. It was recorded on the book "John Coltrane: his life and music" (p.367) by Lewis Porter

Wes Montgomery - Impression 1965 : Wes Montgomery (guitar), Harold Mabern (piano), Arthur Harper (bass), Jimmy Lovelace (drums) who was our dear friend, great touch we miss him too !

Saturday, January 29, 2011

MWQ's LIVE At The Sputnik Launching In 1957

In January 25 2011 at the state of union, president OBAMA mentioned about "SPUTNIK moment" . . . then Michael said  "At that moment SPUTNIK - the world first Russian Satelite - launching, I was with my band Michael White Quartet at the Channel 5's Studio in San Francisco playing music LIVE "  For the Michael White Quartet , it was the another cosmic moment!  As JAZZ musicians, it was a perfect way to spend the magical moment!!!

It was October 4th 1957

We are wondering if the program ARCHIVE still available ??? Maybe with recent highlights about SPUTNIK MOMENT, the video archive might appear on Youtube to us to see it and hear it??? . . . maybe . . . Michael added that "This opportunity arose way before the band released any albums . . . " We guessed the TV miraculously found the very Kozmic Groove band in town :))))))