Saturday, January 29, 2011

MWQ's LIVE At The Sputnik Launching In 1957

In January 25 2011 at the state of union, president OBAMA mentioned about "SPUTNIK moment" . . . then Michael said  "At that moment SPUTNIK - the world first Russian Satelite - launching, I was with my band Michael White Quartet at the Channel 5's Studio in San Francisco playing music LIVE "  For the Michael White Quartet , it was the another cosmic moment!  As JAZZ musicians, it was a perfect way to spend the magical moment!!!

It was October 4th 1957

We are wondering if the program ARCHIVE still available ??? Maybe with recent highlights about SPUTNIK MOMENT, the video archive might appear on Youtube to us to see it and hear it??? . . . maybe . . . Michael added that "This opportunity arose way before the band released any albums . . . " We guessed the TV miraculously found the very Kozmic Groove band in town :))))))

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