Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spirit Dance CD Reissue

This morning we saw groups of cute little Armenian boys with grand fathers and mothers in the mall where we take a walk everyday. Reminding us of "Praise Innocence", the song in Michael's first Impulse album "Spirit Dance" 72', this song is considered the first JAZZ album with children singing! THEN we got home, got a message from Ian Scott Horst left on our facebook wall saying "Do you know about this cd reissue?

Hey we did not know Oh well kind of know . . . :))) What we know is we are in SYNC with the UNIVERSE! LOVE IT ♡ 

Salute to Michael's Legendary Album "Spirit Dance" is finally reissued just yesterday September 14th 2011 in JAPAN, as a part of  the Impulse Record 50th Anniversary Reissue Total 20 Titles which all were highly requested for CD reissues, and in the high quality CD series called SHM-CD. it will be on sale in September 20th 2011 in USA, now in pre-order worldwide. 

NOW we can answer all our fan's inquiry and request, yes Spirit Dance is in CD!!! LOVE from Leisei & Michael

Buy Spirit Dance in USA at DustyGroove : Amazon

One of the killer albums that Michael White cut for Impulse Records in the early 70 – a sweet set of spiritual jazz that took his instrument to a whole new level! Normally, the violin isn't an instrument we love in jazz, but White really transforms it here – playing it with a stretched-out, spiritual sound that's almost like a saxophone – really hitting a fresh sound that's mighty nice. Other instrumentation includes a nicely organic blend of piano from Ed Kelly, bass from Ray Drummond, and percussion and flutes from Baba Omson – often building in the way you'd get with a Pharoah Sanders album, but with a gentler, more personal sound. There's a bit of vocals at points from Makeda & Wanika King – and tracks include "The Tenth Pyramid", "Spirit Dance", "John Coltrane Was Here", and "Unlocking The Twelfth House" -

Buy Spirit Dance in JAPAN at cdJAPAN : Amazon

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